Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Starbucks Issues and Solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Starbucks Issues and Solutions - Essay Example Certain solutions for resolving the ethical dilemma of becoming a curator of popular culture for Starbuck’s are presented here. First are the alleged financial links to the Israeli government. The strategies used by boycott organizers to generate awareness for their campaign and to manage media usage to target desired audiences are also discussed (Knudsen, K., Aggarwal & P. Maamoun, A. 2008). Starbucks was targeted because of its CEO’s comments on Israel-Palestinian conflict issue. Starbucks was the prime target of an Arab boycott after remarks CEO Howard Shultz made in Seattle. Boycott strategies have been classified into three domains: awareness, media, and targeting. Many people have begun to regard Starbucks’ corporate image as snooty. Customers are of diverse ethnic, income and age groups (Cherian, C., Dasgupta, N. & Doreswamy, A. G., 2007). Starbucks has learned to embrace the diversity and provide better customer service. Every campaign is approved through a panel about potential issues the adjusted based on its recommendations. The best course of action is a method of strategic cooperation (Mahapatra, S. & Saklani, A., 2007). Three things can trigger boycott calls: government actions, corporate actions, and individual actions. Starbucks should respond to rumors, distance itself from controversial issues, making charitable contributions, emphasize local connections, demonstrate the impact on the local economy, localize the marketing mix and influence government actions.

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